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I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Ecology with a Fisheries emphasis from Iowa State University and a Master of Science Degree in Fisheries Science from South Dakota State University. I have spent 5 years working in the natural resource field conducting fish population estimates, aquatic vegetation control/management, nuisance species removal, and provided guidance for new and old pond owners with pond related concerns ranging from fish parasites to summertime fill kills and fish and nuisance animal removal.

I also have a Commercial Pesticide Applicators license for Aquatic Pest Control. I encourage starting a management plan that incorporates preventative, biological, mechanical, and cultural methods, and the use of labeled aquatic herbicides.

The Depredation and Commercial Turtle Trapper License permit me to remove nuisance animals such as beaver, muskrats, raccoons, turtles etc. when they have become a nuisance to property owners. All animals are humanely captured and removed. Please feel free to contact me regarding my qualifications or a pond concern or problem that you may have. I will work with you to arrange a time to meet with you on site and discuss problems or concerns, a potential management plan, and your options as a pond owner.


   Brandon Harland

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