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Common Pond Problems & Concerns

a) Pond is covered by aquatic vegetation, which is making it difficult to fish, boat or swim.

b) Water is constantly muddy/turbid, even when it hasn’t rained in a long time!

c) Fish are all small or all big and the population is stunted or not balanced.

d) Fish contain flesh parasites when I went to clean them; why are they in my fish and not the neighbors?

e) Turtles are too numerous, stealing my bait, or making it difficult for me to feel comfortable swimming!

f) My pond has summerkilled or winterkilled and all my fish are dead – what happened and how do I prevent if from reoccurring?

g) How do I go about restocking my pond with fish and which fish species are best and at what rate?

h) What is the quality of the water in my pond or stream and how is that affecting or limiting what is living there?

i) All I catch are bullheads and/or carp – what is wrong with my pond, how do I reclaim it, and what are my management options?


j) Muskrats are causing damage to my pond by burrowing into the dam and jeopardizing its strength – how do I control or remove them, what are my management options?

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