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Nuisance Wildlife Services Available

I have been humanely and ethically capturing and removing nuisance wildlife during the regular furbearer season for landowners since I started trapping 14 years ago. I have yet to find a property owner who was not pleased with the Live Trap services I have provided. In January of 2006 I took the next step to allow landowners the ability to utilize my trapping and nuisance animal removal skills year-round by becoming a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, which is a license granted by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources following a rigorous test of wildlife biology knowledge, trapping knowledge, and personal communication skills.

Muskrat The IDNR issued Depredation License allows me to remove nuisance animals such as beaver, muskrats, raccoons, skunks, opposum, groundhog, badger, squirrels, rabbits, turtles, etc. when they have become a problem for property owners. All animals are humanely captured and removed using approved techniques and in conjunction with property owner wishes.

I have operated as a state licensed commercial turtle trapper for three years. As a commercial turtle trapper I responded to Snapping Turtle landowner phone calls regarding nuisance turtles in farms ponds and streams. As an example of my abilities and potential turtle densities, I will give you a case example. A landowner contacted me and indicated he had a large bayou or backwater area behind his house, which was adjacent to the river. The individual stated family and friends enjoyed fishing and swimming in the backwater area, but had noticed an exceptionally large number of snapping turtles in the area and would like many of them removed. After three days trapping and 81 turtles later (snapping turtles, spiny softshell, and painted turtles) I had completed the landowner’s request. Traps have an escape hole in the back of the trap to allow juvenile turtles to get out.

Beaver Opposum Raccoon

72 lb. Beaver Big Sioux Snapper

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